Make the most of your e-liquid

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How to make the most of your e-liquid?

There is nothing as amazing as taking the hit of delicious e-liquid and experiencing the luxurious cloud. It is much about personalisation and individuality, where the taste and choices matter as per the need of the user. So, whether you are a newbie or it’s quite a long you are into vaping, then you might be thinking to enjoy the favours without the stigma, which is heavily associated with tobacco cigarettes. 

Vaping is not only a way to quit smoking, but also give you an enjoyable way to enhance your experience with flavourful e-liquids from the UK. You will enjoy blowing the clouds, great flavour, and high-tech devices with each puff. So, whether you are a newbie or you have a collection of atomizers, batteries, and flavours there is nothing associated with vaping to go wasteful. Sometimes, it is quite hard to make the coil and e-liquid last. So, read on this content penned down by the experts at the Voro Vape to make most of your delicious e-liquid besides treating the coil right.

  1. Get the Details About the Vaporizer:

    You should be familiar with your e-liquid, and device before using it. Each vaping device has a different design and not all vapes are created equally. Some models are small and compact, whereas some others are quite big. Some models run cold whereas a few models run hotter than others. When it comes to UK made pemium vape juice, you will find some variations are quite thick whereas some variations are quite thin. For each model, there will be instructions and recommendations and while buying the devices online, you will find reviews from other users to guide you through the experience you are looking for.

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Soon after you will find a vaporizer, get to know its temperature, PG/VG balance, how to reassemble it, clean it, and put it back together. The more you know, the better use your vaping device.

  1. Tighten Everything Before Pouring your E-Liquid:

    It is probably the most annoying part for a vape lover to see the e-liquid is dribbling out from the bottom or side of the vaporiser. The vaporiser tanks are a combination of metal, plastic, glass, and rubber gaskets to the device sealed to prevent leaking the vape juice. You will know the entire setup is working at its best when the e-liquid soak into the coils and create the vapour without causing any spillover to your hands.

To avoid any such issues, disassemble the parts, clean them, and tightly reassemble every in and around the tank. However, if you are traveling or not in a situation to clean the device, at least make sure every part is tightly closed before you refill it and it will prevent any tragedy from happening.

  1. Experience Other Flavours Often:

    It’s a common experience that how people get bored to eat the same food with the same taste every day. The same thing happens in the case of vape juice as well. The same flavour every day will lose the speciality you used to crave for. Your tongue and sinuses get used to a flavour and you will start missing some enjoyment over time.

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Why not find out a vape shop online and keep a collection of soaked coils dedicated to certain flavours or it could the mix of certain flavours. So, you can switch from one flavour to another as per your mood.

  1. Blow the Massive Clouds With High VG Level:

    To some vapers, it is great to have their favourite flavours, whereas a few users love the long dense cloud. Even, some people feel delighted in filling glasses with vape, whereas others have the lung capacity and determination to fill it. But, before anything, you must be able to make clouds.

Hence, experts suggest looking for e-liquid mixes that have a high VG ratio in comparison to the PG. VG is thicker than PG and hence you will be able to create highly visible clouds.

  1. Enhance the Flavour With a Narrow Tip and Right Airflow:

    Once you find the e-liquid to produce the perfect big cloud along with the taste that tickles the taste buds, then the time comes to optimize the entire experience. Look for the vaporizers that come with proper ventilation underneath the coil. Moreover, the size of your drip-tip also matters to get a big flavour and strong throat hit as well. The narrower the drip tip,    the better it can concentrate the vapour that flows into your mouth. It allows you to taste more of the e-liquid before you exhale and fill the room with a nice smell of clouds.
  1. Tune-Up the Flavours Mixing Unflavoured Liquid:

    The good news is you don’t have to rely entirely on flavours and you can buy the pre-made ones. Many vape enthusiasts fine-tune their flavours by mixing their favourites until they find something satisfying. If you find a premade flavour that’s a bit lighter, then use an unflavoured e-liquid and dribble a little into your tank. This not only levels up the flavours but also can increase cloud capacity without putting your vaporizer at risk.
  2. Customise the Temperature:

    Want to customise your vape to get bigger hits and a stronger flavour of your e-liquid? If so, then getting a box mod will let you set the exact temperature that can fire your coil better. In this way, you can discover what temperature, liquid, and coil combination works best for you. But, be cautious to know the coil and highest temperature it can tolerate before burning. Else, you may end up wasting both the coil and liquid
  3. Keep Hydrating Yourself:

    don’t forget to hydrate yourself while vaping. Since there’s no water vapour that you’re breathing, vaping can cause dehydration. You will vape more over the course of vaping to get a nice cooling and moist feeling in your mouth. So, what’s the rescue? Well, make sure you keep hydrating yourself with water and juice after a few puffs.

Lastly, know that making most of your e-liquid is an art and technical aptitude that becomes perfect over time. Balance of flavours, beautiful clouds, and taking good care of vaporizer is the part of enjoying a flavourful vape.

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