Affiliate Dashboard


If you have a website or social media accounts you can use your affiliate link to promote our products. These links are available within the dashboard when you register. When your audience clicks on these links from your site or social media account they get redirected to the product on Voro Vape and if they purchase, you as the referrer make a commission.

The tracking cookie is set for 30 days, so if your referred customer purchase something from our website in 30 days, you will get a share of the total amount he/she pays. 
We track your performance through your affiliate ID and with the dashboard you also have complete, real time access to all sales and commissions you make. It’s as simple as that. We pay via Paypal or your bank transfer in the UK.

If you already registered for a customer account on our website and wish to promote our products, please send us a message via contact page and we will enable your account for affiliate role.

Each Affiliate is treated on an individual basis, and at Voro Vape we can help you make the most of this program.