Vape Pods

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Looking to buy high-quality vape pods from the top brands in the vaping industry? In that case, our vape shop online is the right place. We stock a considerable range of vape pods from the simplest to the most sophisticated systems. From the less complicated devices such as the NZO to the most advanced vape pods like Smok, Vaporesso, and Aspire, exploring your choices is a click away.



Vape Pods

The vape pods are designed to be super simple to use and an even more effective gateway to vaping devices. Because they are hassle-free and so easy to use, it makes it that much easier for new users to make the switch.

The more experienced vapers advise that all thou it could be more cost-effective to refill your vape pods, doing so does not offer the same level of convenience as pre-filled choices.

Vape pods are a revolutionary generation of vaping products excelling through their extraordinary ease of maintenance and use.

How do vape pods work?

Vape pods are made up of two main components. The pod, which contains e-liquid and a rechargeable battery-mod. Pods can come pre-filled or be refillable.

The vape pods contain a coil. When the battery is activated on your vape pod system it heats the coil which in turn vapourises the eliquid in the pod.

For the majority of vapers, vape pods systems are the ideal way to enjoy an incredible vape experience. In addition, they are a great option that falls somewhere between affordable vape pens and more pricy advanced vape mods accommodating any vaper needs.

Who should use vape pods?

The truth is that vape pods are really for everyone. It really comes down to any individual vapers preferences.

Experienced vapers find that vape pods make great companions to their larger vaping setups, especially for vaping on the go. While smokers looking to quit appreciate their simplistic compact design and satisfying method of delivering nicotine.

What e-liquid should I use with vape pods?

Basically you can use any brand and/or flavour as long as you take into account the fact that you should never use more than 60 VG. The VG/PG ratio pod vapes used to work best with 50/50 ratio vape juice.

Whilst some pod vapes will work with a 70VG vape juice ratio, most vape pods are best to be used within the 60 VG range.