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Are you looking to replace your vape batteries or perhaps just to purchase spares? Your favorite vape shop online got you covered. We selected only the top brands and highest quality vape batteries for your convenience.


Vape Batteries UK

Among the most important vape accessories are your vape batteries.  Although vape batteries are often thought of as particular to vaping, they are the same types of batteries used in other electronic devices. Probably, not a battery you find in a convenience store, but a regular battery nonetheless.

Yet, most major battery manufacturer publicly endorses the usage of their batteries in the context of vaping, and no batteries from other devices should be swapped for usage with your vape mods While there is nothing inherently dangerous about using replaceable batteries in a vape device, serious risks to the user and device can happen without basic knowledge of ohms law and safe battery practices.

However, the stories you hear about a vape exploding, at the heart of the issue is basic battery safety, especially for lithium-ion cells. Until all vapes and vape batteries conform to strong and consistent safety standards, your best protection against vape battery explosions might be knowing as much as possible about your device and how to properly handle and charge its batteries.

Important rules of safe vape battery use

  • Always use plastic cases to store extra batteries.
  • Never store loose batteries in pockets or handbags.
  • Remove the battery wrapper only if you plan to rewrap.

What battery does a vape use?

Although there are a variety of lithium batteries available today, there are only a few that are fit to power a vaping device. For vape batteries, these choices usually come down to ICR, IMR, and Hybrid. In most cases, it is recommended to use an IMR or Hybrid battery, unless your specific device explicitly states to use an ICR vape battery.

There are many different sizes of batteries, but the majority of vape mods accept 18650 batteries. The 18650 battery is a size classification of Li-Ion batteries, measured at 18mm by 65mm. This sized battery is a bit larger than a standard AA battery and is the most popular sized battery for powering a vape device.

How to charge vape batteries?

The best way to charge them is through an external charger. Using a USB connection can cause damage which is why it is not recommended.

Place it on the charger with the negative side (the flat side) on the spring-loaded connection.

Which is the best vape battery?

Nowadays, an industry favorite is Samsung 25R 18650 s. However, the best one is the one that fits your needs.

When shopping for vape batteries make sure to look for mAh and how long it will stay charged and also AMPs relate to the power output for a short timespan.