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CBD Vape Oil E-Liquid

Vaping is the fastest, most effective method of delivering CBD into your body. We stock a huge range of high-quality CBD e liquids and CBD vape juice from the world’s best manufacturers, with over 40 brands both from here in the UK and overseas.

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CBD Vape Juice in the UK: How to Choose The Best

We are confident that you have seen our huge selection of CBD Vape including:
  • E-liquid
  • CBD vape pens
  • Disposable Cartridges
  • Vape starter kits
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  • Different strengths from 250mg up to 3000mg
But have you ever wondered what’s in it?
As you shop for the best cbd vape oil and e-liquids in your favourite flavours, as well as accessories, it’s a good idea to get into the heart of what CBD actually is. How much do you know about it? Where does it come from and what can you expect from it?
Our bellow listed guide for cbd vape will give you all the important facts. Shall we begin?

What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid found in hemp, a type of cannabis plant. Cannabidiol is known for its therapeutic properties and has been growing in popularity in recent years.
CBD oil has a range of benefits used to relieve symptoms associated with inflammation, anxiety, depression, pain and epilepsy. CBD can be infused into a variety of products including vape juice, edibles, CBD oil tinctures capsules and creams

What is CBD Vape Oil / CBD E-Liquid?

In short, CBD vape juice is the liquid that's used in vaporizers, vape cartridges, and other vape devices to produce delicious CBD vapours.
Technically speaking, CBD vape oil isn't literally an oil. Instead, it's any type of vaping juice that uses CBD as its active ingredient instead of nicotine. This means that you can consume it using your vape kit or pod, the same way you would any other type of e liquid.
 Known by other names such as CBD e-liquid, e-juice,  CBD vaping liquid, e-cigarette juice, CBD made for vaping is sometimes referred to as “CBD vape oil”, but it doesn't contain any actual oil. A more appropriate name for it is CBD vape juice or CBD distillate.
They're generally made with food-grade ingredients, so they can also be taken orally, but are very different from oil-based tinctures. Look carefully at the ingredients.
If it contains anything other than PG, VG, CBD extract, terpenes and cannabinoids, then it's most likely unsuitable for inhalation. Don't take the risk. It should say something about vaping, vape juice, e-liquid or e-juice on the label and should not contain any actual oil.
CBD e-liquid can be made from 3 types of CBD extracts:
1. Broad Spectrum CBD – CBD with a small amount of THC (.3%).
2. Full Spectrum CBD – CBD with small traces of THC (.3%) and other cannabinoids or terpenes.
3.CBD Isolate – the purest form of CBD with non-detectable traces of THC or other cannabinoids;


What's in the CBD Vape Juice?

The vaping eliquids are made of five main ingredients:
  1. water
  2. flavouring
  3. propylene glycol (PG)
  4. vegetable glycerin (VG)
  5. sometimes CBD terpenes

What are CBD Disposable Cartridges?

Similar to THC oil cartridges, these are slim disposable e-cig tanks filled with CBD e-juice. (Some contain pure CBD distillate, made using a CO2 or a solvent-based CBD extraction method .)
They connect to a standard 510 battery and provide an easy entry into vaping CBD. There are also cartridges, known as pods, that are compatible with popular devices like the JUUL.

How Much CBD Should I Vape?

The amount of CBD you should take depends on a range of factors, including:
  • your body weight
  • the condition you’re treating
  • your individual body chemistry
  • your type of metabolism
  • the concentration of CBD vape oil, capsule or gummies.
In other words, there are a lot of variables that go into deciding how much CBD to take.
Before trying CBD, be sure to talk to your doctor about the appropriate dosage and any potential risks. If your doctor tells you how much to use, stick to their recommendation.
Since there are no reported negative effects from using CBD oil to vape, there are no official recommendations for dosages. Realistically it's down to the user to test and figure out what an appropriate dosage for their specific needs will be.
 We recommend starting with the lowest dosage and working your way up, that way you can tell which level of CBD is right for you.
A typical CBD vape cartridge containing 100 mg of CBD delivers about 1-2 mg CBD with each puff. If you're using a CBD vape pen or tank, you'll be taking in a bit more CBD per puff, depending on your device and the strength of your CBD vape juice.
The best way to find your dosage is to start low and then work your way up. Start with the minimal dosage, 1 to 2 mg of CBD and wait about six hours until your next dose.
For example, you might start off with 40 mg to treat severe pain. You can take 40 mg on days when you’re in a lot of pain. After a week, you increase it to 45 mg, and after a second week, you use 50 mg. At this point, you might feel that your pain is bearable.
It might be wise to keep track of how much CBD you’re taking and whether your symptoms are getting better. Write it down on paper or in a notes app on your phone.
The average user vapes an average of 10-30 mg per day. For serious conditions like pain and inflammation, some users take as much as 200-1000 mg per day.

What's The Difference Between CBD Isolate and Distillate?

CBD Isolate contains 99.9% CBD, with all of the other elements like THC or other cannabinoids removed completely. This is CBD in its purest form. CBD Distillate on the other hand is Full Spectrum which means it contains all of the compounds found in the Hemp plant (minus the THC).
Some users report that the added compounds have more beneficial effects, while some prefer the pure CBD Isolate. In the end, it's up to you to decide which one works best.

Potential Benefits of CBD Vape Oil

Possible Health Benefits Of CBD
CBD vape e-liquid has a wide range of potential benefits. CBD only recently became legal in the UK and it's backed up by a growing volume of studies indicating that it has real, proven benefits for health and wellbeing.
CBD oil and CBD Vape have been proven scientifically to hold a wide range of different benefits and there are many anecdotal claims that support these studies.
Unfortunately, finding scientific proven, accurate information on the benefits of CBD oil can be quite a difficult process. Many CBD sellers will push CBD oil as a cure-all treatment that can help with any condition, many times without any scientific evidence to back up their claims.
PubMed study on CBD vape and CBD oil is titled “Cannabidiol Reduces Cigarette Consumption in Tobacco Smokers: Preliminary Findings” and observes how CBD can be a potential option for treating nicotine addiction.
Let's stick to the facts. Below, we've listed some of the backed up by scientific studies, data-supported possible benefits of cannabidiol, including the CBD that's contained in a vape oil.

CBD Might Improve Anxiety and Depression

CBD Help With Anxiety
While large-scale studies into CBD oil are still underway, recent studies have found that CBD is a promising treatment for some forms of anxiety and depression.
For example, in animal studies, researchers have found that cannabidiol the active ingredient in CBD oil has antidepressant-like effects that are comparable to those of imipramine, a highly popular tricyclic antidepressant that's used to treat agitation, anxiety and depression.
In a report from 2015, published in US National Library of Medicine (PMC), they discuss the
''Preclinical evidence conclusively demonstrates CBD’s efficacy in reducing anxiety behaviors relevant to multiple disorders, including PTSD, GAD, PD, OCD, and SAD, with a notable lack of anxiogenic effects.''

CBD Can Help With Different Forms of Pain

In addition to its benefits as a potential aid for anxiety and depression, CBD is well known as a natural pain reliever.
There are a few studies where CBD alone can act as a pain reliever, but one study of a mixed CBD and THC product concluded that it was effective at reducing pain and muscle spasms for people suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).
This review from 2018  assessed how well CBD works to relieve chronic pain. The review looked at studies conducted between 1975 and March 2018. These studies examined various types of pain, including:
  • cancer pain
  • neuropathic pain
  • fibromyalgia pain
  • arthritis
Based on these studies, researchers concluded that CBD was effective in overall pain management and didn’t cause negative side effects.

CBD For Arthritis Pain Relief

CBD Help for Arthritis
CBD Help for Arthritis
This 2016 trusted study looked at CBD use in rats with arthritis.
Researchers applied CBD gel to rats continuously for 4 days. The rats received either 0.6, 3.1, 6.2, or 62.3 milligrams (mg) per day. The researchers discovered that the rats' inflammation and overall pain on affected joints were reduced. No obvious side effects where noticed.
Rats who received low doses of 0.6 or 3.1 mg didn’t improve their pain scores. The researchers found that 6.2 mg/day was a high enough dose to reduce the rats’ pain and swelling.
One important aspect that they saw is that rats who received 62.3 mg/day had similar outcomes to the rats that received 6.2 mg/day. Getting a considerably larger dosage of CBD didn’t result in them having less pain.
The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects of CBD could potentially help people with arthritis. However, more human studies are needed at this point.

Can CBD Help You Sleep Better?

CBD Help For Sleep
Some research and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD can also help you get a good night’s sleep. Unlike many of the other great benefits of CBD, which are only backed up by a small number of scientific studies, CBD for improving sleep and help with insomnia have been researched in far more detail.
The research published in 2019 looked at whether Cannabidiol could improve sleep and or reduce anxiety. The study involved 72 subjects, with 47 experiencing anxiety and 25 experiencing poor sleep.
A 2017 review also noted that CBD may be helpful in treating RBD, and that it shows potential for treating excessive daytime sleepiness. RBD is associated with poor sleep and nightmares.
Most of the above-listed reviews emphasize that we need more studies on CBD before we fully understand how it affects our sleep.
However, as mentioned above, many researchers say that CBD improves sleep because it tackles the root causes of insomnia.

What are the possible side effects of vaping CBD?

Side effects are relatively uncommon. However, you may experience some minor side effects.
Possible side effects:
  • fatigue
  • diarrhea
  • changes in weight
  • changes in appetite
A comprehensive study was released last year that concluded there were in fact some side effects associated with CBD. The most commonly documented side effect of CBD is mild drowsiness. This is more common with first-time users and can subside with regular use.
This drowsiness is most often caused by high doses of CBD, whereas low to medium doses can actually produce the opposite effect.
 The other side effects observed were slight euphoria, hunger and red eyes. Compared to many prescription drugs, the side effects of CBD tend to be much less pronounced.

Can You Vape Too Much CBD?

A 2011 review on the safety and side effects of CBD observed that continuous use of CBD, even in high doses like 1,500 mg a day, is tolerated well by humans.
If you consume pure CBD, you are unlikely to get sick or experience unpleasant side effects. A 2017 World Health Organization (W.H.O.) report concluded that CBD is
“generally well-tolerated with a good safety profile,” and further stated that “in humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”

Endocannabinoid System and CBD Vape & E-Liquid

Endocannabinoid- System
Human Endocannabinoid System
With lots of conditions currently being studied, how could Cannabidiol possibly influence them all?
Your body contains a network of receptors known as the Endocannabinoid System that runs all through it and which specifically interacts with cannabinoids like THC and CBD.
When correctly stimulated, these receptors, present in most of our organs, help regulate our internal chemistry.
The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is located throughout the entire body in nerves, tissues, and organs.
When cannabinoids are absorbed by the body through one or more of the many consumption methods available, they activate receptors known as CB1 and CB2 receptors in the ECS, found in the central nervous system and the brain, and CB2 receptors, found in the spleen, pancreas, digestive tract, and immune system.
Once activated by something like cbd vape, these receptors help to create two-way communication between cells and nerves that was previously absent.
 It theorized that this indirect effect allows cannabidiol to work more efficiently as it tries to restore chemical balance in our bodies.
 Introducing cannabinoids, cbd vape juice or CBD oil to the ECS you allow your body to naturally fight against many different ailments, symptoms, conditions, and diseases.

Is CBD Legal in the UK?

Yes. CBD vape oil and other CBD products are fully legal in the UK, meaning that you can freely purchase and use CBD.
The law changed on 13th October 2016 in the UK to enable CBD products to be recognised as a medicine.
Numerous studies have been conducted, and standards have been set to ensure the quality and safety of CBD, and protect people's health and well-being.
One of the reasons that CBD oil has grown so popular is because it is much more widely legal and acceptable in countries globally. Many agencies such as the UK’s MHRA have made statements in regard to CBD vape and its legality.
Any licensed CBD containing product can now legally be considered by the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) to be medicinal.
However, to date, no official licenses have been granted to CBD products and, as such, they are currently legally classified as food supplements.

Is Vaping the Only Way to Consume CBD?

Vaping CBD is not the only way to take it, but it happens to be one of the best. There are many other alternatives such as oral tinctures, creams, CBD patches, CBD drinks, CBD isolate powder, and CBD capsules and edibles.
CBD crystal isolate powder is ideal for making edibles since it typically contains 99% pure CBD. The crystals dissolve into butter or oil and can be used to create CBD-infused butter or any of your favourite recipes.
Please remember one important aspect, never mix CBD Oil with vaping e-liquid for vape.

FAQ about CBD


Does vaping CBD Oil Get You High?

No, vaping CBD will not get you high, unless it is derived from marijuana containing THC. Most CBD formulated for vaping is derived from industrial hemp. It contains trace amounts of THC (up to 0.3%) which isn't enough to get you high. There are many THC-free CBD e-liquids for people who are concerned about failing a drug test. While you may feel more relaxed after using CBD vape oil, you won't experience any of the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

Is CBD Legal in the UK?

Yes. CBD vape oil and other CBD products are fully legal in the UK, meaning that you can freely purchase and use CBD. The law changed on 13th October 2016 in the UK to enable CBD products to be recognised as a medicine.

Can You Combine CBD Oil With Vape Juice?

No. CBD oil drops are designed for use sublingually (under the tongue) and are not safe to use with a vaping device or tank. These oils often contain MCT oil and other ingredients that can be harmful to your health if consumed in vapour form.

Why does CBD Vape Juice Work's Well in E-cigarettes?

When you inhale the CBD vapour, you're allowing compounds originally produced by a plant to enter your body, travel through your bloodstream, and enter your brain. Other than intravenous application, it is one of the fastest methods of getting the benefits from the CBD oil. CBD vape oil is best used in e-cigarettes. Since cannabis e-liquid vaporizes at around 195 C, it is the perfect temperature for e-cig. At the same time, it is free of harmful effects as cannabidiol vape oil in e-cigarettes ''does not get you high'' and is free of nicotine.

What Wattage Should I Vape CBD E-Liquid?

Most CBD vapers use an MTL (mouth to lung) tank or pre-filled CBD cartridge and so wattage levels are low and at least under 15w-30w. However, there is now sub-ohm CBD e-liquid on the market designed for sub-ohm vapers and therefore can be vaped higher wattage levels like 65w-120w or more. These ones require an advanced vape kit capable of output higher Wattage power.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD contains all of the naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. The two most prevalent compounds are CBD and THC. The THC content of Full Spectrum CBD must be less than 0.3% to be considered hemp, anything above 0.3% is considered cannabis since this is when the psychoactive properties begin to give the ''high effect''.

Where Can I Buy CBD Vape Oil in the UK?

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