Vape Tanks

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Our vape shop online invites you to explore our vape tanks selection. Built to suit the user’s preference, different variables such as resistance, coil size, and wicking material can be altered to produce the ultimate custom vaping experience for each person.

Vape Tanks

There are two primary designs of vape tanks to match the two main methods of vaping:

  • Direct to lung tanks largely known as DTL
  • Mouth to lung also is known as  MTL

DTL vape tanks commonly use lower resistance coils designed to produce bigger vapor clouds having restrictive airflows. his style of tank is better suited for higher-wattage devices with the capacity to power the large coils required. Just as the name suggests, the vapor is drawn directly into the lungs rather than staged in the mouth.

MTL tanks feature an unmistakably more restrictive airflow that serves to collect and condense the vapor clouds. The condensed vapors can provide more intense flavour than DTL offers while utilizing far less power to heat the coil. Many new vapers find MTL tanks to be a far easier transition as it more closely mimics the act of smoking.

Which are the best vape tanks?

Picking the right vape tank can make a big difference in your vaping experience. We handpicked for you some of the best vape tanks to make it easy for you to choose the right one. Simply pair your vape tank with your favorite vape mod, fill it up, and you are ready to start vaping.

How to clean vape tanks?

It is important to know that there are two types of vape tanks:

  • Disposable
  • Reusable

It goes without saying that a disposable vape tank is exactly that: disposable.

However, when using a reusable vape tank, you should make a habit of cleaning your tank thoroughly at least once a week. You can do this manually by rinsing any remaining eliquid away under warm running water, then use a tissue and/or cotton bud to remove any excess water and juice from the tank. Or, you can use an ultrasonic cleaning device into which you can drop your tank and let the device do all the hard work. An ultrasonic cleaner can prove very useful particularly if you prefer to change flavorus often.

How to fill vape tanks?

Filing vape tanks have a lot to do with the kind of tank you are using because tanks have different structures.

For some vape tanks, you will need to unscrew the top part and find the filling hole to fill. While for other types of tanks you will need to slide and open the top part and then the hole shows up.

Some vape tanks can prove more complicated to refill because of having to remove the drip tip and then the top part to find the filling hole. The best way to go will be by using a squeezable fill bottle to poke into the fill hole.