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Vape kits carefully handpicked only from top brand high quality manufactures such as Smok, Geekvape, Innokin, and more. Our vape shop online presents you with the best combination of parts and components allowing you to start your vaping experience turmoil free.

What are vape kits?

Vape kits basically contain all the necessary parts required to begin your vaping experience. Depending on your choice, a starter kit can consist of a mod, tank, coils, batteries, several other replacement parts, and a charger. The last thing left to acquire would be your choice of e-liquid and you are ready to vape.

How much does a vaping kit cost?

A vape kit cost can range anywhere between £9.99 to £99.99 and the good news is that stock, can cover any budget the customer decides to spend

Are Vape Kits and E-Cigarettes the same thing?

Shortly YES, both a Vape Kit and E-Cigarette means the same thing. Both are consists up of a battery power device, a vape tank that holds the coil and E-Liquid. Some people will call them Vape Kits and others E-Cigarettes, depends on everyone preferences.

5 Most important tips for buying mods, pods and e-cigarette kits online:

  1. Starter kit budget, followed by replacement parts budget and last but very important, choice of e-liquid budget
  2. Reading an explicit GUIDE about the different types of e-cigarettes and deciding what the best choice according to your needs is
  3. Understanding the difference between mods, pods, pens and cig-alike
  4. Considering the size and weight of the electronic device you choose for vaping
  5. Take your time before making your final choice
  1. The importance of setting a budget is entirely up to you. However, when establishing a budget you should consider not just the initial purchase of the starter kit.

You should take in account also the parts that require replacement after being used for certain periods of time like coils, batteries, tanks, other vape accessories and/or aesthetic parts.

Ultimately, there is the vape juice which represents the constant expense when vaping.

  1. Read our complete GUIDE on vape and learn about making the right choices for yourself.
  1. When choosing your vaping device you must think in terms of utility, durability, and structure.

E-cigarettes and cig-alike are usually recommended for new vapers and for those of you who used to be light smokers. These are two of the devices with the closest resemblance to traditional cigarettes, mostly made out of a single disposable piece. In this same category, we can talk about Vape Pens that also features traditional cigarettes but the difference is made by the replaceable parts, refillable tanks and, the rechargeable batteries.

The next category consists of mods’ and pods’ and this is attributed to more experienced vapers but also to those who used to be heavy smokers.

There is also to consider the balance between VG and PG percentage used in the making of the e-liquids; as well as the amount of nicotine intended to be used with these two devices.

  1. In regards to the size and weight of the electronic device of your choice, it all depends from person to person.

For instance, most ladies would go for a device that is smaller in size to better fit their hand. However, there are lots of women out there who will love a heavier and more powerful device.

The same goes for man as some would prefer a smaller device that is more convenient to place in the pocket while some like a manlier, larger and heavier device.

In conclusion, as stated above, this choice is a personal affinity that differs from one person to another. One should never be intimidated by social stereotypes and should make a decision based on their feeling and needs when it comes to vaping devices.

  1. There is no good or bad choice when it comes to choosing the device and vape juice required for your transition from smoking to vaping.

The most important thing that everyone should keep in mind is how less harmful vaping is compared to smoking.

Everyone should conduct thorough research before making their final choice especially if they are just now transitioning. It could be overwhelming and confusing to choose with all the information that can currently be found online.

Anyway, all you need to decide on at first is if you should go for a disposable device or one with replaceable and reusable/refillable parts.

Just like it was detailed above, the difference is made by how much you used to smoke. All the rest of the details that might get your head spinning having to do with terms like ohm and sub-ohm, coils and tanks are just technicalities that luckily will appear simpler to understand once you get a hang of the entire vaping business.

What vape kits should I buy?

Again, when it comes to choices it can get very frustrating if you are new to vaping. Because we understand and some of us went through the same situation as you do now, we made a list of the most important kits:

Starter Vape Kits

Designed for those of you that have the intention and determination to put an end to smoking, starter kits have everything you need to embark in your vaping journey.

Regardless if you choose a vape pen, pod or mod, a starter kit should contain all the necessary components to power up your device.

Depending on your choice, the starter kit should come with components like batteries, charger, tank, coils, and replacement parts.

At Voro Vape, we have our customers’ best interest in mind and this is why we try to make sure we stock some of the best brands on the market.

From our top sellers at the moment, we suggest you to take a look at the Smok Stick Prince Kit a very compact portable device and the Aspire Pen-Style Kit which is the perfect choice for a novice vaper.

Pod Kits

Pod kits are very light in weight which makes it very easy for the transitioning smoker to switch from traditional cigarettes to an electric device.

Destined to aspiring vapers that haven’t yet encountered a suitable device, pod kits are their best choice. Resembling the regular cigarette-like experience less the harm and the smell of tobacco, this could be the perfect choice for a smoker ready to quit.

As the latest generation in vaping hardware, pods are low maintenance and very easy to use for a non-experienced vaper. With integrated pods instead of traditional tanks, you have the advantage of choosing higher nicotine strengths meant to curve or even completely eliminate cigarette cravings.

A pod will score a great performance when used with 50VG/50PG e-liquids or nicotine salt e-juice. It can be prefilled or it can also come with refillable vape juice.

From our pod kits selection, we suggest the current top sellers in this category Voopoo Vinci X 70w and for those of you who like convenience, you should check out the Smok Nord kit.

Sub-Ohm Vape Kits

Here at Voro Vape, we do our very best to provide our customers with variety, performance, safety, and quality products from the most appreciated brands on the market.

In case you are not familiar with the sub-ohm term, it refers to the coil resistance range. In this case, since is under 1ohm (representing the SI unit of electrical resistance), it got the name of the sub-ohm.

Those devices are usually the choice of the so called ‘cloud chasers’ and they are appreciated for the massive vapour production.

When it comes to the choice of e-liquids for sub-ohm devices, you are looking for those e-juices with a higher VG percentage such as 70/30 or 80/20 VG/PG. Those vape juices are having a thicker consistency that also acts as a flavour enhancing element. Commonly found in 50ml and 100ml short fill bottles, higher VG liquids are preferred by those using nicotine salt shots or regular nicotine shots.

Our top best sellers and trending right now in this category is the Aegis X 2000w by GeekVape and Smok g80 kit.