Wotofo Profile RDTA Review


Wotofo Profile RDTA Review


Voro Vape has once again teamed up with Wotofo to bring us another atomizer in the iconic Profile series. We had the Profile, the Profile Unity, the Profile 1.5, and now we have the Wotofo Profile RDTA. It’s the first atomizer to come with the new next mesh Clapton mesh coil. The Profile RDTA is a 25 mm RDTA that can also be used as a regular dripping atomizer or squonking atomizer with the included adapter. At first glance, it just looks like the original Profile with a tank underneath, but when you take the top cap off, there’s one noticeable difference right off the bat – there are post holes between the clamps that allow you to do dual coil builds, something you weren’t able to do on previous versions. You can also use the post holes to do a single coil build without having to use the clamps. So are these improvements enough to set it apart from other RDTAs? Keep reading to find out.

  • 25 mm diameter
  • 6.2 mL capacity
  • Stainless steel construction
  • PCTG tube material
  • 22.5 mm build deck
  • Mesh coil
  • single or dual wire coil
  • 60 – 80 watts
  • 70 – 75 watts recommended
  • 810 resin drip tip + metal ring
  • Mid filling for RDTA
  • BF squonkable for RDA
  • Adjustable side airflow
  • German PEEK insulator
  • 510 thread
  • 1x Profile RDTA
  • 1x nexMESH Clapton Ni80+A1 0.20 ohms
  • 1x nexMESH Extreme A1 (0.16 ohms)
  • 1x nexMESH Turbo A1 (0.13 ohms)
  • 2x framed staple clapton Ni80 0.33 ohms
  • 2x 6 mm thick cotton strip
  • 2x 3 mm thick cotton strip
  • 6x stainless steel wick (4 pre-installed + 2 spares)
  • 1x mesh bending tool
  • 1x Phillips head screwdriver
  • 1x allen key
  • 1x accessory bag
  • 1x user manual
Wotofo Profile RDTA
Wotofo Profile RDTA Package

First Impressions

Obviously, this is a very tall atomizer, which is mainly due to the large (6.2ml) capacity tank.

The main differences on the deck are that there are semi-hidden post holes for regular coils hiding behind slots in the spring-loaded cotton support and that there is a fill port and pressure relief hole, unfortunately, the fill port while usable, is a fraction too small to be perfect.



The metal surround for the tank looks pretty nice and overall it’s a pretty attractive atomizer.

While everything was put together well, one issue I have is that the diameter of the holes for the steel wicks is too wide, every time I look at them they are moving, I don’t however know if this affects the wicking process, it does look a little disconcerting though.

Wotofo Profile RDTA
Wotofo Profile RDTA Setup


Mesh builds are the same as on the Profile RDA, nothing new to see here.

Regular coil builds are really easy, the only consideration is when you have to pre-cut the coil – I did mine at 7mm height and they were just fine.


The basic wicking technique is the same as on the Profile RDA and far easier than the Profile Unity RTA. The only thing to be careful of is not to cram the wick into the deck, trim to the right length, fluff and thin it a little and just lay it on top of the steel wires, I haven’t had one dry hit yet.

Just out of curiosity, I did try to wick it without the steel wires, with longer wicks dropped into the holes. I failed. It probably is possible, but probably not worth the effort as the steel wires wicked fine for me.


I like the airflow and airflow adjustment a lot. Turn one way and you start closing off the top row, keep on turn past the top row fully closed and the bottom two close together. Turn the other way and all three rows will close together. With all coils, I had the top row fully closed and the bottom two fully open.

Wotofo Profile RDTA Airflow
Wotofo Profile RDTA Airflow


Single coil. – It works, but not this atomizer’s strong point. I tried one of the supplied 3.0mm coils, I also tried my own 3.5mm and 4.0mm and none of them really satisfied.

Dual coil. – The airflow seems to really suit a dual coil setup, I’m not a dual-coil fan at all, but it certainly gives a good flavor. One of the best dual coil atomizers that I’ve used.

Mesh. – The regular mesh that we’ve all seen before, gives pretty much the same results as on other Profile Atomizers. However, the clapton mesh is what interested me the most. It isn’t what I’d consider being game-changing, however, it is the best e-liquid flavor I’ve had from a Profile so far. Mesh fans are going to like this material.


Yes, it converts to an RDA. I barely used it in this mode, but it works and squonks just fine. The flavor is exactly the same as in RDTA mode. The conversion from RDTA to RDA is really simple and takes seconds.

Sample Version

Although it wasn’t marked as much, mine was a sample version.

I have been informed that the machining will be better quality on the production model. (the machining on mine was fine anyway), the tank will be PCTG (mine is glass) and that the clapton mesh was pre-burnt. (I had zero issues with the clapton mesh)


Like every single RDTA I’ve used, it will leak to some extent if left on its side.


  • Clapton mesh gives the best mesh flavor so far.
  • Dual coil mode is very good.
  • Large capacity tank.
  • Relatively easy to build on and wick.
  • Very versatile – RDA – RDTA, mesh – regular coils.
  • Smooth and easily adjusted airflow.


  • Single coil mode isn’t great.
  • Steel wires move around.
  • Leaks on its side.
  • Fill port is slightly too small.

Final Verdict
  • Design – 8.6/10
  • Flavor – 9/10
  • Vapor Production – 9/10
  • Quality – 8.2/10
  • Ease of Use – 8/10
  • Value for Money – 8/10



Overall, this is the best one in the Profile Series. It is such a versatile atomizer I think it’s a good choice for those who like to use both mesh and wire builds and want something with a tank that has good capacity. How do you feel about the Profile RDTA, or the Profile series in general? Leave a comment below.