6 Lesser Known Truths about Vaping You Should Know

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Let’s talk about some truths about vaping 

Want to kick out the habit of tobacco smoking? Then finding an alternative is a priority for you. It could be nicotine patches or popularly grown use of vape cigarettes. Since the time it came into the market in 2006, it has been seeing increased popularity since then. The main reason why e-cig has gained so much popularity is due to being a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Well, there are a few facts you must know about vaping e-cigarettes.

   1.E-Liquid Isn’t Just Water: Since vaping an e-cigarette is have to do with vapour, people think there must be a concentration mostly made of water. But actually, there is a little amount of water and most of the vape juice is made VG, PG, and Flavour concentrate, which contains a lot of tiny particles that are suspended in the air. This makes the vapour visible and there’s a very little amount of water involved and what you actually see is the chemical propylene glycol vaporised. 

  1. Vaping is Not Always Safer Than Smoking Traditional Cigarettes: There are e-cigarettes sellers or vape shops online those tag vaping as the safer option than smoking a tobacco cigarette. As per the facts, there are lower concentrations of unsafe chemicals that cause lung cancer in vape eliquid on average. It could be the wrong nicotine level or other chemicals that sometimes make e-cigarettes unsafe for different individuals.
  2. Mixing the Flavours Could Be Toxic: According to the studies, flavouring chemicals in the c-cigarettes become toxic to the immune cells in the human body if you make a mixture out of them. Cinnamon, vanilla, and butter flavouring chemicals are the most toxic to the human body. But, when you mix those e-liquid flavours, it causes more toxicity to white blood cells. Though the flavouring components are not safe for ingestion, they are safe for inhalation.
  1. Vaping is Addictive As Well: A lot of people question whether the nicotine used in the premium e-liquid from the UK is addictive or not? Well, it is believed to be addictive in the case of e-cigarettes too. During the combustion process in cigarettes, there are thousands of chemicals released, where it is quite difficult to isolate nicotine as a sole addictive factor. But, in the case of vaping, users can control the nicotine level.
  2. Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking Cigarettes? It totally depends on individual usage. A smoker who smokes 5 packs a day will spend a lot more than the average vaper. But if you know a vaping enthusiast or collector of vaping essentials might be found spending a higher price than a smoker who smokes a pack in a day. However, average users save money while vaping. Though it takes a larger upfront cost to buy a vaping device or vape kit, there might be a recurring expense to purchase replacement coils and the UK made premium vape Juice. Still, average vapers save substantially higher than the average smokers. 

truths about vaping

How to Control Nicotine Consumption? 

A lot of vapers question whether they can control the amount the nicotine they absorb or inhale in a day. Well, it is absolutely possible and there are a few variables you should take control of. 

  • Nicotine Level: E-liquids are categorised by nicotine levels, so it is quite easy to know how much nicotine is contained in each bottle of vape juice. Whereas nicotine levels in vape juice may vary as per the choice of the user, it is quite hard to know how much nicotine is contained in each cigarette. 
  • Puff/pull Duration: For both the vapers and smokers, nicotine absorption highly depends on how long an individual pulls in vapour or smoke. The longer the pull, the higher the nicotine absorption will be. Without controlling this factor, it is quite impossible to compare the level of nicotine absorption during a session of vaping.
  • The intensity of Vape: Some people like small and low-wattage devices, whereas some people prefer high-wattage or sub-ohm vaping. The amount of vape delivered on each pull plays a role in how much nicotine is delivered. 
  • Individual Absorption Rate: People are different and hence their bodies work differently. As a result, one person may absorb nicotine in a different manner than another person following the same controlled measures. Moreover, body weight, height, gender etc. are the factors that denote how an individual will absorb nicotine.

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  1. Do Vaping Devices Explode? 

Though it is rare, such incidents happen due to user error. So, according to the experts at vorovape.co.uk, whenever you will be buying a device, it must be a high-quality product. Its parts shouldn’t be made of inferior parts. While buying an e-cig model, there are two types of mods to keep in mind- one is a personal vaporizer and another one is a mechanical mod.

  • Personal Vaporizer: PV or personal vaporizer mods contain advanced circuit boards that regulate the mod with safety. A high-quality personal vaporiser mod from a reputable company will never cause any such explosion issues. 
  • Mechanical Mods: Mech mods or mechanical mods are simpler in construction and do not have circuit boards to operate the mod. Such mods are user-regulated and it is up to the user to make sure all the components are properly working before firing up the device. Whereas PV’s have the ability to spot the inconsistencies and refuse the fire until fixed, mechanical mods will fire even if mod’s components are malfunctioning. Hence, experts suggest to be aware of the components and make sure everything is properly installed and functional. 

Truths about vaping

While capping off here, you must know there are a lot of things that are misinterpreted and misrepresented. When it comes to vaping, the facts are not independent of people’s individual bias towards it. So, what’s the best thing you can do? Well, it would be better if you don’t hold someone else’s assumptions. Research the studies, know all about vaping and how it is different from smoking, and form your own opinion.


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