Premium E-Liquid vs Cheap Vape Juice

premium e-liquid vs cheap vape juice

Premium E-Liquid

By definition, the term “Premium” refers to the superior quality of a product or service. Widely abused in the vaping industry, nowadays every other vape juice claims to be “Premium”.

What follows, could bring some light to this matter. It might explain what does qualify an e-liquid as premium quality in comparison with basic.

A real high-quality e-juice can be identified by two major factors:

  1. Ingredients
  2. Mixing
  3. Flavour
  4. High-Quality Presentation
  5. Vaping Experience-How it vapes

Major companies claiming premium e-liquid quality are using only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients from prestigious selected manufactures. Beginning with the VG/PG which represents the most basic components of an e-liquid to the flavours added, quality is crucial.

There is another major factor to be considered when labeling an ingredient as premium which is provenance. By now, it is well known that ingredients manufactured in Europe and the US are of better quality.

Those originating in Asia are considered to be of lower grade quality. The reason for this is the fact that more impurities were found in the ingredients manufactured in Asia.

The level of purity is set by the more strict regulation in place in the US and Europe.

Where is the e-liquid manufactured

The origin and purity of the ingredients used determine also the difference in price. Using ingredients tested at high standards of health and hygiene will increase production costs. 

More pure ingredients result in better quality e-liquids!

Premium E-Liquid

When it comes to mixing flavours, the criteria are quite similar regarding purity. However, there needs to be taken into account also the difference between artificial and natural flavours.

A respectable e-juice company, who is claiming to produce premium liquids, will not introduce additives or artificial flavours. This is exactly what sets the bar and separates premium from basic e-liquids.

Take perfume, for example, you can purchase a fragrance even at your friendly neighborhood store, right? But, would it be the same quality as one from a prestigious manufacturer who can only be purchased from specialised sellers? The answer is no! A fragrance that can only make the shelves of specialized stores will come from a respected manufacturer. It will be produced only by mixing the highest quality ingredients. It will be sold only by trained professionals who are knowledgeable and able to explain in detail every ingredient.

The process of mixing natural flavours

It is the same way with premium vape juice. The process of mixing natural flavours that can capture the real taste is what makes an e-liquid premium.

Mixing e-juice flavours can be raised at art rank lately. Some of the higher complexity e-juices, like the dessert flavours, can offer a unique vaping experience. Carefully and meticulously blended flavours are set to offer undertones and overtones of flavour. All of those sensitive processes are turning vaping into a sophisticated and enjoyable experience.

In case you ever wonder if it is worth paying so much for a premium e-liquid, the answer is yes! Even if is just to treat yourself or to see what is all about, you should give it a try. Only then, you can tell the difference between the premium and the basic vape liquids.

Premium e-liquid VS Basic e-liquid

Did you happen to buy an e-liquid only to be shocked by the strange taste or in some cases by the chemical taste or even absence of flavour? If you answered yes to any of the above, it means that you just “treated” yourself to the lowest class of the basic vape juice.

Some make the mistake to think that a banana flavour e-liquid is still banana whether you pay £1.oo or £10.oo. Unfortunately, that is so wrong.

It could be really challenging to make the difference between Premium e-liquid VS Basic e-liquid if you don’t know what to look for. This might come even harder for new vapers. A more experienced vaper might be able to tell the difference between premium and basic vape juices after only a few puffs.

First of all, you need to know is the main ingredients in your e-liquid, in order to further learn how to compare it.

Your e-liquid contains the following ingredients:

  • Vegetable Glycerin also referred to as VG
  • Propylene Glycol is also known as PG
  • Flavour Extract

In order to know how to make the difference between premiums versus basic or very basic e-liquid, you first need to check the ingredients. The majority of low-cost e-liquids will contain harmful chemicals such as Acetyl Propionyl or Diacetyl. Those to chemicals can be very harmful and according to scientists, are lung irritants.

After all, there are regulations in place which allow the use of such chemicals within safe OSHA limits. Those are respected in general by the company’s manufacturing medium basic to premium e-liquids.

But, since there are no law-abiding regulations yet in regards to the use of such chemicals, some of the very basic low-cost e-liquids might contain dangerous amounts.

This could be one of the reasons why choosing to pay more and get a premium e-liquid, could mean a great deal for your long term health.

Another aspect that differentiates a premium from a basic e-liquid is the steeping process. That is why a premium vape juice will be steep for some time before being introduced on the market. The steep process makes the liquid more smooth and gives the flavours time to blend for a more refined taste.

A cheap e-juice is usually rushed on the market with virtually zero steep time. This will result in a harsh or weirdly flavoured liquid.

So, again this could be another reason why spending a little more on a premium vape juice can be a better choice for you.

In the end, it is entirely your choice

Whether you choose Premium e-liquid VS Basic e-liquid. The important part is, knowing how to tell them apart. Certain liquids might take a few days but even the most inexperienced vaper can tell when a juice feels harsh and appear to have a chemical taste. 

In conclusion, if you are someone who is just looking to quit smoking, a basic (not the cheapest) e-liquid could be an option. If you are however a long time vaper for pleasure, there is no question in choice. Someone who is vaping for the love of it will always choose Premium e-liquid VS Basic e-liquid. Our vape shop will always stock premium e-liquid and you can always discover vaping deals on our site.

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