Know What You Inhale From Vape Juice and Its Flavours

Know What You Inhale From Vape Juice and Its Flavours

If you just have visited vape websites or vape stores, you are most likely to choose any from the wide selection of colourful pods, cartridges and bottles filled with flavoured e-liquid or vape juice. As soon as the vape juice and vape rigs get heated, it creates aerosol that users inhale. Vape juice come in a variety of flavours that includes bubblegum, candy, cereals and a lot more.

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What is Vape Juice? 

Flavour is just one of the ingredients in e-liquid. Usually, vape juices include nicotine and there are many other additives and chemicals. Though the unpredictable variety of ingredients are the problem, it may affect the health of the children and the teens. Wonder how? Well, some of the additives that are found in e-liquid are dangerous and sometimes deadly. For example, the vitamin E acetate found in an e-cigarette or vaping products which are associated with lung injury. And, this is a fatal syndrome associated with vaping and the cases come in front in 2019. Vitamin E acetate is OK to eat but dangerous to inhale. 

How Vape Flavours Affect Teens

 According to the experts, patients who are older adults and have heart diseases associated with smoking need to quit smoking urgently. A smaller group of adults who have tried all the strategies approved by governing bodies to stop smoking are found to be unsuccessful in their attempt. Some users try flavoured vape liquids instead of choosing and mixing flavours themselves, which may cause a huge risk to the users. 

The concerning fact about flavours are- they appeal young people easily. For example, young adults like bubblegum and candy flavour easily. However, nicotine is the primary agent in both the regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes and it is highly addictive. So, if you are a frequent smoker, then e-cigarettes can help you to deal with the withdrawal symptoms when you can’t ignore the craving. The plus point about the e-cigarette is you can control the nicotine level. So, it is up to the individual how much determined he/she is to quit smoking. However, if you have never done smoking and then trying e-cigarette with no nicotine infusion should be the ideal. 

What’re the Ingredients Inside the Vape Juice?

E-cigarettes have a vape tank, where the UK made premium vape Juice is stored and soaked as per the mechanism of the vape device that uses a small heating element. When the e-juice or the e-liquid is heated and turned into the aerosol. The vape ingredients can vary brand by brand, but there are a few common ingredients that every vape manufacturer use.

  • Water is the common e-liquid ingredient
  • Vegetable glycerine or VG It is a sweetener and preservative to thicken the liquid and considered to be safe by governing bodies in the UK. Vegetable oils such as palm oil, soybean oil, coconut oil are a few variants used in the e-liquid. It is often found that products like canned foods, cream, processed food, jams and energy bars mostly contain this ingredient. 
  • Propylene Glycol or PG is used in conjunction with vegetable glycerine or VG. It is a tasteless and odourless ingredient but works as an excellent carrier of different flavours. But is produces less vapour, which has made this ingredient less popular. Even, this is a preservative that lasts longer. However, some people are allergic or sensitive to PG. Hence experts suggest to choose the ingredients wisely. 
  • Flavourings are available in a huge range for the e-cigs. Right from fruity vape options like watermelon, unicorn milk, Pony on Acid and more so. 
  • Next comes nicotine, which you can choose to be there in your vape juice. Upon searching across the online vape shops in the UK, you will find the bottles selling e-juice with different nicotine level which are 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg and 32mg. It is a fact to remember that nicotine in vape juice format is measured in milligrams per millilitre. It means the vape juice will contain certain milligrams of nicotine in each solution.

The user has to choose the nicotine amount based on current smoking habits. Many people turn to e-cigarettes to quit smoking, and hence follow this level and decide how to cut down the nicotine consumption over the course. 

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E-liquid in the UK

When Should You Vape Without Nicotine?

Most vapers use nicotine-containing liquid, but not everyone uses it. If you are aiming to quit smoking then vaping is a great alternative. But if you start it with no nicotine infusion in the liquid, then you will turn back to the tobacco cigarette due to dissatisfaction with the e-cig. Hence, experts suggest to switch to vaping gradually from nicotine level 24mg to 0mg. This may seem slow, but remember that if you are an ex-smoker and body is used to smoking, then you will end up smoking again if you suddenly withdraw the supply of nicotine to your body. The most important thing is not to rush for it. If you aim to drop your nicotine to zero over the course of a year, then cut down the habit of vaping as well after that estimated time. 

What the Non-Smokers Can Do With Vaping? 

Whereas people think vaping as safer alternative to smoking, you might ask whether non-smokers can opt for vaping or not. Well, it entirely depends on the reason why someone wants to opt for vaping. 

If it is a reason that you want to try smoking but looking for a safer alternative then e-cig is a great way to divert yourself from temptation. On the other hand, if a non-smoker thinks to try it just because it looks cool, then you must know that it is not that impressive. There still remains the risk to get exposed to nicotine inhalation. In the worst case, someone who doesn’t inhale nicotine or dropped the nicotine level to zero may lean to inhale a huge amount of flavouring. 

So, it is usually best to avoid e-liquids that contain anything apart from VG, PG, water and Nicotine. Vitamins, supplements, colouring and different seld-added flavours neither enhance the quality of your vape and nor even provide inhalation safety. Sticking to the basic ingredients can provide you with low-risk and enjoyable vaping experience. It’s always advisable to choose quality e-liquid in the UK from online sellers like Voro Vape to ensure you never have to compromise with the safety and quality of vaping. 


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